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Time – A Finite Resource

Unlike words, which are a limitless resource (I have explored that concept before), TIME is finite.
I don’t want to be trite but I will be – there are only 24 hours per day. That’s only 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds.
That really isn’t that much. How do we ever get everything done?
Simples. We don’t. At last I don’t.
Do you?

I follow this blog about how much of the Continue reading

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Publication Day (Empowered: Sonya)

Empowered Sonya Kindle Cover

Publication Day

It’s live 🙂

I’m alive 🙂

Empowered: Sonya is now available on Continue reading

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Official Spoiler and Blurb (Empowered: Sonya)

TOMORROW is Publication Day – so very, incredibly exciting!!!
Empowered: Sonya will be available on Kindle and Smashwords (Kobo, Nook, I-phone, pdf…).

As promised, to whet your appetite, here is the official spoiler and blurb from Empowered: Sonya, as well as some Continue reading