Cass E Ritter

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Official Spoiler and Blurb

Official Spoiler:

Desire is a funny thing. There is the desire to ravish each other and engage in vigorous, mind-blowing sex that has them panting a release within minutes. They do not feel that at the moment. Nor do they have the desire to tease each other endlessly. Slowly. For hours. Until they reach the peak.
The overriding desire right now is not sexual. It is the desire to be close and not pressured by time and the outside world. It is esoteric – a desire to just be.
They retire to bed, where they lie close, just feeling each other. Occasionally they change position from spooning to facing, or one stretching out on top of the other. They talk, they even kiss. Or they just listen to each other’s breathing or heartbeat. From time to time they nod off.
They do not let go.
At some point in the early hours of the morning Nina becomes aware of Lom’s hand cupping a breast, a finger circling a nipple. A switch flicks and suddenly every touch is erotic, every breath becomes a moan, every movement stimulating. She turns to kiss him.
There is no need to lead or guide, no need to talk or direct. Their bodies are in total synch with each other and know what they are doing.
Nina feels as if she is both in her body and looking on from the outside. She sees and feels him move over her. As he enters, her legs move round and lock him in. Arousal heightens as if they are physically lifting up – flying. Nothing exists but each other.
They reach a mutual spend – a rarity for them.
As she falls asleep she knows it – Lom is her soul mate. His body and his life may not always be hers, but his soul is.


Dear Reader,
Here you have it – the second part of my story of an impossible love, a love that just couldn’t find a permanent place on this earth.
Even though there was so much I didn’t have, I also had an awful lot that some people never experience:

My soul mate
Unconditional friendship
My knight in shining armour
A love that endures beyond the grave
Passion that still keeps me warm

Thank you for reading,

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