Cass E Ritter

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Official Spoiler and Blurb

Empowered: Sonya, Official Spoiler

To give her more movement, she straddled his legs. While she ministered to the other side of the neck, she undid the buttons of his shirt and pulled it off. Graham was a gloriously fit man. She ran her hands over his sculpted chest and sighed. Kissing him full on the lips now, her thumbs flicked his nipples until he reared up and crushed her to him. She loved how they moulded together from her head tucked into the crook of his neck to his erection nestled against her.
Touching Graham like this, rocking on the evidence of his arousal, fanned her own desire.

“All the way,” she murmured into his ear.

Permission granted, Graham lifted her off his lap and stood.

“Are you sure?”

Yes, it was in the library, but it was sound-proofed, and yes, it was day-time, but the customers were at dinner and no one would think to disturb them here, and yes, it was still light, but she didn’t have to undress all the way to make it good, so yes, she was sure.

She opened his trousers, and slid her hand inside his boxers in reply.

Empowered: Sonya, Blurb

The Empowered Series is a collection of (stand-alone) steamy romantic novellas.

Central is The Empowerment and Well-being Centre for Women – a spa with a difference.
Located in a mansion house in the beautiful Kent countryside, the centre offers everything you would expect from a spa. In addition, it runs empowerment seminars for women.
Women enrol for many reasons, but they have one thing in common: they have lost a part of themselves.

In Book 2, Sonya’s life begins. Exploited and brainwashed, she inherits millions, but doesn’t know how to balance a cheque book or buy a cup of tea. How does she overcome her early life of abuse to get an education and turn her inheritance into an empowering business helping others? More importantly, Sonya embarks on a journey to learn to trust so that love, real deep abiding love, can transform and complete her life.

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