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Official Spoiler and Blurb

Official Spoiler

(“Look at yourself.”)
Kathy observed the breasts that she’d just touched through fabric. The nipples were large, proud, drawn tight by anticipation. Her chest was rising erratically, but her small breasts stood firm. They were too small to wobble.

She let her gaze caress down the centre of her body to the delta between her legs. She knew her curls to be dark and fine. She kept her bikini line tidy but no more. Scrutinising her body she became aware of a throbbing in the hidden folds. For once, she luxuriated in the feeling. She wanted it to grow, to become more intense.

(“I want pleasure.”)
She lifted her hands up and watched them touch and stroke her breasts. Never had she felt this daring and this free. She caressed her chest, down her side to feel her waist, across her stomach to the top of her hairline. Her hands fluttered out again to her hips, massaging down to the tops of her thighs, round to her buttocks and across her abs again. Every sweep allowed her hands to just touch the edge of her delta, but no further.

Her gaze drifted up to her face again, and she didn’t recognise herself. She was radiating energy, sparking arousal with every touch. She pinched her nipples hard, so hard she groaned and felt the thread of arousal tug directly at the secret place inside herself.

Kathy paused.

(“Can I take this all the way?”)


The Empowered Series is a collection of romantic-erotic novellas.

Central is The Empowerment and Well-being Centre for Women – a spa with a difference.
Located in a mansion house in the beautiful Kent countryside, the centre offers everything you would expect from a spa. In addition, it runs empowerment seminars for women.
Women enrol for many reasons, but they have one thing in common: they have lost a part of themselves.

In Book 1, Kathy is sent to the spa undercover. She is an uncompromising traffic cop, who has seen her fair share of tragedy. As one of the lads, she is not too happy about being the only female available for this mission.
However, instead of illegal activity, she finds herself and the power to balance her own life and pleasures. As a result, she goes on a quest to seduce her ex-boyfriend back into her life.

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