Cass E Ritter

On the Road to Publishing


I found your writing engaging, as you do write with real energy and imagination. – Luigi Bonomi, Literary Agent

… it’s a rollicking read… I do feel conflicted as a reader… Is it a love story or the story of a young girl being taken advantage of? – Kerry Mayo, Author of Whitstable Through Time. She has also been a test reader for my debut novels. Thank you

I could not put it down once I started, it is a wonderful book, filled with deep emotions, humour and a bit saucy to boot. I did really enjoy reading it and cannot wait for the next one!! Massive well done x x  – by Liz

lovely story of a young woman’s awakening to love and sexual desire. nothing like 50 shades. don,t believe the hype – by cleopatra

I have read the book and give it 5 STARS!!!! The book has humour, sadness, and is free from hang-ups!!! Looking forward to the next book!!! 50 shades of grey is a FICTION…. this is a real story of love, disappointment, and awakening!!! and yes I have read both books. beautiful written book about “coming of age – Rosemarie

What a lovely but tragic story. I found the introduction a little confusing, but read it again after reading the book, then it all made perfect sense. I am really looking forward to the publication of Book 2. – by Top Cat

Tells the story of a young girls first love and how long that love endured, and the tribulations of a first love. – by Wendy

Fantastic, interesting, left me wanting more: A heartfelt story of forbidden love, the highs and lows of this couples journey to spend time together. Age, cultural and lives differences are explored. – by Amazon Customer

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