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As Cass E Ritter I write for adults, mostly hot sensual contemporary Romance. I like writing about strong women or women who find strength and confidence.

My debut novel, The Lost Soul was published in July 2014 and the sequel, Stolen Time, in December 2014. They make up the In Memoriam Duology, which is a tale of lasting friendship, forbidden love and sizzling passion. The books are semi-autobiographical, in other words inspired by my own life, and follow Nina, who is a shy 18-year-old in a strange country when we first meet her. Through her friendship with Lom, which later turns to a passionate, if forbidden love, she grows in confidence and has many choices to make over the years.

I am also working on the Empowered series: novellas about women who seek a part of themselves they have lost or denied. They grow in strength and confidence and find their passionate nature. As part of their journey, they (re-) discover Mr Right. The stories are connected through ‘The Empowerment and Well-being Centre for Women’. What can I say – I love a happy ending.
So far, I have published Empowered: Kathy (November 2014) and Empowered: Sonya (March 2015)

I also write the odd blog and publish a newsletter.

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