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Random Spoilers (Empowered: Sonya 1205)

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Countdown to publication: 3 days to go
Empowered: Sonya will be available on Kindle and Smashwords (Kobo, Nook, I-phone, pdf…).

Today’s number is 1205, chosen by the Englishman who went up a hill and came down a mountain.
Tomorrow will be the final spoiler, and the official spoiler and blurb will be on Thursday. So EXCITED.

Empowered: Sonya, Random Spoiler 6
Sonya’s jaw dropped to the floor when she walked into the lecture theatre for her third seminar and saw Grace sitting in the back row, next to Graham.
This week had gone so well, so far. She’d avoided the canteen, dealt with three young students who’d signed up for a follow-up tutorial of the first two weeks’ materials, and reached almost 10,000 words of her thesis. Well, most of that was headings and background. The next 90,000 were the hard part.
She’d been rehearsing the tasks she’d devised round this week’s topic of physical abuse in her head when she noticed her ‘new’ student, who today wore plum and forest green. She was holding court to those that dared to ask what a septuagenarian would be doing in an abuse lecture.
Sonya didn’t want to know what stories Grace was spinning.
(“Rise to it or ignore?”)
What she did end up doing was to include her as if she really was a student. She knew that Grace was wise enough not to sabotage her. Her background and experiences might actually benefit the students.
When the longest 2 hours of her life were finally over, the students were buzzing with input, and Sonya was dying to pin Grace down on what the hell she was thinking, gate-crashing. Only she never got a chance as her friend walked out on Graham’s arm.
She dropped her paperwork off at the office and walked.


Author: Cass E Ritter

Cass E Ritter is author of the In Memoriam Duology. The Lost Soul and Stolen Time tell a story of lasting friendship, forbidden love and sizzling passion. In Memoriam by Cass E Ritter Following the news of the death of her former lover and the father of her child, our heroine, Nina, embarks on a journey to remember a secret, unconventional love across a generation, as she pens their relationship spanning a decade and a half in explicit detail. The Lost Soul explores Nina's early friendship with Lom, during which he saves her lost soul from the ravages of emotional neglect caused by her parents’ alcohol abuse. It chronicles Nina's growing confidence and emerging love for a man who cannot be hers. In Stolen Time, chance reunites Lom and Nina and they resume their affair. The story, a tale of rekindled passion, life choices and the trials and implications of a secret May to December love, takes us from stolen weeks in Germany to stolen hours in England. Cass is aiming to publish The Lost Soul in July 2014 and Stolen Time later in the 2014.

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