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Random Spoilers (Empowered: Sonya 1680)

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Countdown to publication: 9 days to go
Empowered: Sonya will be available on Kindle and Smashwords (Kobo, Nook, I-phone, pdf…).

Today’s number is 1680, chosen by the lovely Liz.
If you want to select the next extract, send me a random number between 1 and 3,000, which is the line I will go to in the manuscript.

Empowered: Sonya, Random Spoiler 2

For the first time ever, Sonya left the room first. She’d already picked up her notes and was by the door when she dismissed the class.
Peripherally, she was aware that Graham was outside, leaning against the wall. She rushed straight past him to her office, found she couldn’t breathe there and left for the park.
As she paced, she realised that she had no idea what a healthy sexual relationship was. She’d seen relationships and learned about affection, hugging, kissing in public. She’d learned about human love as an alien looking in rather than as a human child who was part of it. She couldn’t identify with the need for it or the joy of having it. Even thinking about public displays of affection made her uncomfortable.
(“Why? Seriously, why?”)
When the answer came to her, it was so elemental that she almost cried with relief and frustration. These tokens of caring and love eventually led to sex, to healthy intercourse and orgasms. She had no idea how that worked.
Grace’s friends didn’t show her that. Grace was no role model there. She was a madam without a man in her life. Her only ‘children’ were the women she looked after and eventually taught to become escorts (if that’s what they wanted. Not all did.) What would she know about normal sex? Who else was there?
(“I could find out in a book.”)
She laughed out loud at that. Was there such a manual?
(“Healthy Sex for Dummies.”)
Maybe she could do some research and write that as her thesis.

Author: Cass E Ritter

Cass E Ritter is author of the In Memoriam Duology. The Lost Soul and Stolen Time tell a story of lasting friendship, forbidden love and sizzling passion. In Memoriam by Cass E Ritter Following the news of the death of her former lover and the father of her child, our heroine, Nina, embarks on a journey to remember a secret, unconventional love across a generation, as she pens their relationship spanning a decade and a half in explicit detail. The Lost Soul explores Nina's early friendship with Lom, during which he saves her lost soul from the ravages of emotional neglect caused by her parents’ alcohol abuse. It chronicles Nina's growing confidence and emerging love for a man who cannot be hers. In Stolen Time, chance reunites Lom and Nina and they resume their affair. The story, a tale of rekindled passion, life choices and the trials and implications of a secret May to December love, takes us from stolen weeks in Germany to stolen hours in England. Cass is aiming to publish The Lost Soul in July 2014 and Stolen Time later in the 2014.

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