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The Generation Chasm

As I get older and move from one generation to the next, I feel more and more abstract about myself.

I know how old my daughter is. Giving birth over 20 summers ago puts the years into context.
I know my body is showing signs of wear and tear – the sagging bottom that will soon reach the backs of my knees (when I will, for the first time in life, have a flat bottom, albeit a very long one, and not one that Continue reading

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The End of the Beginning

For two and a half years, since 20th June 2012, I have been on a mission.

A mission to make sense of my life, which was turned upside down with the news of your death.
Life until that point had had a bit of everything, and a lot of some things. There had been hardship, loneliness, uncertainty and make-do, but also love, stability, fulfilment and wishes-come-true.

A mission to put decisions into context, when I was made to question everything because of your passing.
Some of the challenges I have faced in life have come Continue reading

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It’s a Numbers Game

I love writing. I have not enjoyed myself so much as I have in these last few months when a blinkered employer showed me the door and made me consider pushing my writing plans ahead faster than I had planned. Friends have told me I look better, happier, more relaxed.
Hence I released a novella last week and I am releasing the sequel to my debut novel in 2 days’ time.
IN TWO DAYS’ TIME (Yes, I am screaming).
I have so many stories in my head that still want to be Continue reading