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I spoke about inspiration in my status yesterday and feel that it deserves more than a single thought.

Where does inspiration come from? That’s simple, it comes from everywhere and I’m sure that every writer, every story teller, in fact practically every human being whatever they do would agree with this. The reason why one person is a multi-million selling storyteller and the next cannot write creatively for beans is that we harvest and use our inspiration in different ways.
As writers, we express inspiration with Continue reading

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Putting the Intimate into Context

(For adult reading)

What is erotica?
The dictionary ( defines it as ‘explicitly sexual literature or art’.
That covers a very wide range of depictions or descriptions. Looking at literature only, because I am a writer not a visual artist, the spectrum runs from romance all the way to pornography.
But what makes one book a hot romance, another erotic and a third pornography?
In order to explore this, we need to look at Continue reading

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The Day Out

Yesterday, I took a day out from writing, not to earn money (I did that last week), but to follow an invitation. My daughter took us to London for the day and it was an adventure.
It was an adventure because some truly wonderful experiences were interspersed with Murphy’s Law – you know the one where everything that can go wrong will go wrong.
The forecast was for sunshine and rain, so I took my old raincoat but my daughter Continue reading

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Impossible Promises

I am still new to this business of writing for money, of self-publishing with only my common sense and friends, some unconditionally supportive, others supportively critical, to guide me.
I don’t (yet) have a name, I don’t have a column, I don’t get headhunted to speak at literary events.
I have one pen name, because I feel more comfortable separating my writing from my personal persona. (Even though people know who I am, my writing persona is the more confident one.) I have one book published to this name – available on Kindle, paperback directly from Continue reading