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Pet Hates

When you ask people what their pet hate is, most of them know exactly: people not picking up after their dogs, spiders, spam or cold calls, drivers on their mobile, chuggers, supermarkets changing their layout every other week so you can’t find anything, skinny jeans that are baggy at the knees, mobile phone ringtones… You will hear as many pet hates as you ask people.

But let’s be honest, here. Don’t your pet hates change? I have found Continue reading

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The Empty Mind

‘It’s time for a new blog’ I told myself this morning and my mind promptly went blank.
This is my life now. I do not have a regular income and until I have one, I will build a writing career (read that with heavy emphasis on the ‘will’).
So here I am, sitting in a café in Margate, overlooking the sea. It is still hazy out there and the red ship I was watching yesterday has gone. From time to time seagulls fly past.
Why do we think Continue reading

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings – Planned
When something bad happens, your friends and supporters kick into gear. They are there with every cliché the English language has to offer. This is not a criticism – why try and find your own words, when we have idioms which express exactly what we want to say.
When one door closes another one opens. Indeed! The door to the job I was doing for the council (which they told me I was second to none at in the same breath as Continue reading