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Here be Spoilers 4

While proofreading, getting ready to send the files off to the printer and upload them onto Kindle, I came across another passage which made me think that it is high time I shared another extract. This is a tender moment I love:

“Hug me.”
He feels faint.
“I want you to hold me, just hold me for a moment.”
His mouth has gone dry and woolly. She has no idea how much self-control it takes not to clamp her to him and frighten her to death with his fervour.
He rises, never letting go of her hands, and pulls her towards him, giving her plenty of Continue reading

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Here be Spoilers 3

Here I have selected another random extract in which Nina and her mother go on holiday during her first year in England:

Nina’s mother hires a car and they visit both Canterbury and Rochester Cathedrals, Hever and Dover castles – doing the touristy thing. In addition, they just drive, exploring the countryside, little villages and whatever interesting places take their fancy. They have a great time, which the photos that her mother takes, show.
What the photographs do not show are the fights.
Nothing between them has really changed – good times interspersed with daily, violent rows – violent only in terms of ferocity and Continue reading

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Here be Spoilers 2

This extract brings Nina, my heroine, to the conclusion to write her love story:

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, although when life is cruel it’s sometimes difficult to fathom such reasons.
There must be a reason why the universe withheld news of your death from me for so long.
There must be a reason why the news of your death has been a catalyst to me writing.
Maybe the reason is that our story wants to be told.
Maybe the reason is that Continue reading

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Here be Spoilers

Here is a random extract from the beginning of In Memoriam: The Lost Soul – part of the prologue:


I can’t say THE love of my life, because that would mean that now that I know that you’re gone, hope has died forever. I’m too young for that and all you ever wanted was for me to be happy.
But for a while, you WERE the love of my life. I breathed you from morning till night even though your body was rarely with me.
I would wake in the mornings thinking that today I would see you, and if not today, then tomorrow.
And so I was able to get up, I was able Continue reading